Night Light with 2 USB Ports

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Dual purpose LED nightlight is ideal for brightening any space. The power switch has 3 options: on, off, and auto. The auto feature uses the equipped smart photosensor to automatically turn on the light at dusk (or when the space is dark) and turns off at dawn (when the space brightens again). The automatic feature helps to conserve energy by only turning on as needed. This will help to lower electricity bills as the nightlight will replace main lights being on.

The nightlight product is available in different colours: white, orange, blue, and green. All lights are warm light colour and are 0.6 watts which is very low consumption. As well as being a night light, you can use the 2 USB ports to charge electronics from phones to tablets, smartwatches and much much more. The nightlight can be plugged into any outlet so it is perfect for brightening any space!

Babies and children will love the nightlight as it can automatically turn on for them in the evening and provide comfort if they prefer sleeping with a light on. The light is also great for hallways as it can be used as a guide light for walking, in addition to providing security lights too. This LED nightlight will be perfect for any room!  Get one for your child’s room today.

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Available Colours: White, orange, green, blue

Light Colour: Warm white

Watts:  0.6

USB ports: 2

3 Settings: ON(constant on),AUTO(turn on/off with sensor),OFF(constant off)

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Weight .198416 lbs
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Blue, Green, Orange, White


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